Meet Our Performers



Born and raised in the beautiful town of Paris, Ontario, Alexandra has been performing for most of her life. With a number of school musicals and dance lessons under her belt, it really wasn't a surprise to anyone that she went off to St. Lawrence College and graduated from the Music Theatre Performance program.

After graduation, she worked with Grand Parties for two years as a princess performer, and she loved every moment of it! It was because of this experience that she founded The Glass Slipper Company, intent to keep spreading that magic and wonder to the best of her ability.



Marissa has always dreamed of being a princess herself, and now she gets to not only live out that dream, but she gets to see the joy in a child's eyes while she does it. With a degrees in classical voice and musical theatre under her belt, Marissa loves getting to share her talents and encourage others to keep on dreaming. Does she look familiar to you? That might be because Marissa is a fully fledged ACTRA member who has been featured in a number of hit TV series and movies, including a credited role in the critically acclaimed The Handmaid's Tale.



Hannah is a 20 year old singer from Simcoe, Ontario. She is piano-based, and influenced heavily by the jazz genre and musical theatre. She is experienced in her live performances, as she is regularly involved in community theatre and other musical events. She performs often at events such as the Lynn River Music and Arts Festival and Cornstock; performed in 2017 at South Coast Jazz and Summerfest, and was a finalist in Norfolk Has Talent last fall. Hannah is currently and actively working on her artistic career.



Being the oldest in a large family, Haley loves kids, especially when they smile! Born and raised in Brantford, she loves to sing and dance for the enjoyment of both herself and others. This has lead her to use her natural dramatics in community theatre and school productions, studying musical theatre so that she might one day pursue a career in the performing arts! 



Jen is a singing, dancing, muti-instrument musician who is thrilled to be spreading some magic. Jen comes all the way from Ottawa area where she studied musical theatre at St. Lawrence College and loves all things princess, her favourite being a red headed mermaid. Jen also loves children, so much so she is currently studying Early Childhood Education.

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