Birthday Party

45 Minutes - $140

Invite up to 10 of your friends to share a magical party experience with the character of your choice!

Our virtual birthday party will include: story time, sing along, princess trivia game, royal oath, time for questions and a printable certificate making the birthday child and Honourary Royal! The singing of "Happy Birthday" can also be included if time permits!


Video Message


Choose your favourite character and enjoy a special video message, just for you! Perfect for birthday, graduations, new arrivals or just to brighten someone's day, each message is created just for you! Videos are 3-4 minutes long and will be hosted in a private, unlisted space where you can watch it over and over again!

Each month, our video messages help a local cause or organization in need with a $10 donation.


Video Call

20 Minutes - $45

These special, live video calls allow you to actually speak to our characters! Ask them questions, sing songs and share stories while you enjoy some one on one time with your favourite princess or character!

Please note that calls are subject to performer availability. Not all characters are available at this time due to restrictions. Video calls include one character. 


Pajama Party

45 Minutes - $120

Invite up to 10 of your closest friends, dress in your most comfortable royal pajamas and get ready for a pajama party!

Your virtual pajama party will include: story time, sing along, princess trivia, slumber party game and time for questions!



Mini Bedtime

15 Minutes - $50

 A special bedtime routine, just for your little one! Let them curl up in their pajamas as they share a personal bedtime experience with one of our princesses, who will also join them in her own comfy attire through Zoom.

"Mini Bedtime" includes one story and one song. You may opt for her to sing her own song, or she may choose a soothing lullaby, whichever you prefer.

Available Characters: Rose Princess, Mermaid Princess, Magical Nanny, Sleeping Princess, Tower Princess, Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Midnight Princess, Grecian Goddess, Unicorn Isla.


Tea Party

45 Minutes - $120

Invite up to 10 of your closest friends, grab your favourite tea and a snack! Then join the character of your choice for a tea party!

Your virtual tea party will include: princess etiquette, story time, sing along, time for questions, and fun updates on the most recent happenings in their kingdom!